I haven’t been on Tumblr in months and all you mother fuckers are exaaaaactly the same.

Lots of shit going on. I’ll prob post a for real update tomorrow…

Am I the only person who didn’t cry buckets of years over TFIOS? I didn’t connect at all. Honestly, I’m not even sure I thought it was good. I definitely think it’s the second weakest JG book I’ve read (Katherines takes the cake on that one, personally). Paper Towns and Alaska were so much…more. The characters felt more real, the emotions were more relatable. Maybe I’ve just grown up? Can you out grow an author? I hear they were making the movie before I had a chance to read the book, and I was so excited…but now I’m slightly disappointed. Partly for selfish reasons, I want to see *my* favorite book be made a movie…and partly because the movie will be a lot of people’s first experience with JG, and I’m not sure this is putting his best foot forward, so to speak.

Consumer Alert - Trojan Fire & Ice Condoms




Upon examining a Trojan Fire & Ice condom, I immediately noticed something was very wrong.

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Why would you put a condom called FIRE and ICE anywhere near your genitals?????

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11,000 abandoned rape kits dating back to the 1980’s.
100 serial rapists identified in 1,600 finally tested.
They moved on to commit similar crimes in 23 other states.
An estimated 400,000 rape kits remain untested nationally.

Meanwhile half of the prison population in America is there for non-violent, drug-related offenses. 

I watch SVU constantly. I work in a Detroit. Huge mindfuck. Real talk tho, this is massively fucked up.

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Every day I’m still amazed at my capacity to love this girl. Every time I think I’ve reached 100%, she looks at me, and I melt and am built back up again with even more love coursing through my veins. Her smile takes my breatha way, and her laugh stops my heart. She has the most incredible spirit and I can’t imagine living a single day without it.

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Thing I learned this morning:

Landslide still gives me feelings. Particularly at 3:30.

Thanks for your time.

Yea…2013 was pretty good.

My girlfriend has given me a completely new view on teachers. I was always the kid who hated teachers, I thought I was smarter than them (and I was smarter than some). I viewed teachers as lazy, incompetent, more or less useless. Hearing her talk about her kids, though. The genuine excitement when they learn something. How invested she is in each of their lives. Watching her spend her own free time searching for fun, exciting, conceptual projects for them to do. I’ve always been a sucker for listening to people talk about their passions. But Goddamn, the way her entire soul lights up when she talks about teaching. Makes me fuckin weak in the knees.

You can always tell how badly a movie adaptation of a book is when you watch it with someone who’s never read the book.

Sure, they may be entertained…but they’ll still have questions, and confusion. And rarely will it resonate as deeply.

Megan (about Jennifer Lawrence/Peta):

Yea she’s hot, and this gay kid has NO chance. He bakes? Fuuuuuck.

Drinking coffee, ignoring the snow, aaaaaand watching The Hunger Games.

My fabulous girlfriend woke me up this morning by surprising me that she’s taking me to see Catching Fire todaaaaaay!!!!!!!!

Awwww…too bad your “#1 team” got ya ass beat!

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Had my interview Thursday

It went alright. Not great, but not awful. Should be hearing back on Tuesday; either yes, no, or a second interview.

I receive an email from another company looking to schedule a phone interview, so we’ll see where that goes.

Today I’m sending out more resumes and following up on companies I haven’t heard back from on the FIRST round of resumes. Megan gave me a talking to about my penchant for putting all my hopes and dreams into one place, then being crushed when it doesn’t work out. So I’m trying to balance my hopefulness and positivity with reality and continue my search until I actually get a job offer!

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Making my life better update…

I applied for 13ish jobs last night. Mostly Web Design/Marketing/Graphic Design….a few administrative jobs.
Aaaaaand…I got a call already! A Web Design/Marketing firm in a nearby town called to schedule an interview….so I’m doing that Thursday evening. The salary they’re offering is more than double my yearly salary right now. Plus immediate paid days off, full medical/dental/vision, and a 401k package. This could be the EXACT break I’m looking for.
Please keep your fingers crossed, think positive thoughts, pray, send good juju, whatever it is you do to send positivity….do it!!

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TODAY I am changing some shit.

I am resolved to get myself the fuck out of debt, find a better job, and put “future me” in the best circumstances possible.

Just for reference:
$5,000 car debt
$4,000 credit card debt
$65,000 student loan debt

I make $1,440.00/month

Wish me luck. I may or may not start a separate blog to create some accountability for myself. Or I might blow this page up with boring financial shit.